Where is Følvika? How to get here?

Just north of the Arctic Circle, a few miles south of Bodo, in the county of Gildeskal, lies the beautiful island of Sandhornoy, and its hidden gem, Folvika. This small but stunning retreat with its two gorgeous beaches nestles between mountains in a natural setting that is completely unspoiled. The resort looks out on ocean fairways, and towering Sandhornet graces the view; a local landmark from whose peak can be seen almost the whole district of Salten.

You cannot drive all the way to the property, the last 2-300 metres you have to walk or drive a quad bike. We also use a tractor to carry bigger items, this may be done when the tide is low.

We think this is the most beautiful place around.

How to get to Følvika Northern Retreat

By car

You can drive by car all the way to Følvika. The island Sandhornøy is connected with the Coastal road and the main land by a bridge at Kjøpstad (and ferry from Sund/Inndyr). You follow RV17 to get here, we are located approx 80 km from Bodø, 40 km from Saltstraumen (north) and 50 km from Ørnes (south). From E-6 (Rognan) you can also connect to the coastal road RV17 via RV812. It is approx 104 km from Rognan to the bridge. From the bridge to Følvika it is 14 km.

Local boat service

Local boatservice from Bodø harbour (central terminal) every day at 16.00. Your destination is called Vag (Våg) and it is the first stop. It takes approx 30 minutes. Return service to Bodø every morning at 06.30.

From Våg to Følvika it is approx 10-12 km. We pick you up there or you can take the local bus that corresponds with the boat service.


An alternative to the bridge is a ferry going from Sund (2-3 km from Inndyr, the center of Gildeskaal municipality) to Horsdal (Sandhornøya). The ferry takes 10 minutes and then continues to Sør-Arnøy, another island. Please check for the time table for more information. And note that traffic to Sør-Arnøy has priority. Some times the ferry is filled up with big trailers going to pick up fresh salmon.  If the ferry leaves without you you can always drive to the bridge.  It takes approx 45-50 minutes to drive from Sund to us.

From Horsdal to Følvika it is approx 25 km and it takes 15-20 minutes by car.


There is a bus service (No 200) from Bodø (North) or Halsa (South) to Kjøpstad (the bridge) on RV 17. We can pick you up by car or you can take a corresponding bus to Følvika.  Please check the time table.

For travel planning (boat, bus, ferry in Nordland): http://www.177nordland.no/?ac_id=286&ac_parent=280 (please, don't hesitate to ask for advice as for the name of the stops)


We cooperate with Saltenfly Bodø, a new company with experienced fighter pilots, that offers flightseeng and transport services with seaplane from Bodø harbour to wherever you wish. This is the absolutely fastest way to reach Følvika. And they may literary land on our beach. And included in the price is an amazing flightseeing over the area.

Private Charter boat

Are you eager to start fishing as soon as you have landed or prefer to arrive by boat? We cooperate with with Ferd Marin that offers charter fishing and transportation. You can stop to fish in Saltstraumen, go for sea eagle safari or just enjoy the sea breeze on your way to Følvika.

How to get to Bodø?

Bodø is the biggest town in Nordland county with 50 000 inhabitants, and the second largest in Northern-Norway.

The airlines SAS, Norwegian and Widerøe have all several daily flights to Bodø from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø, in addition from airports in Lofoten and Helgeland. Bodø is the final stop for the Nordlandsbanen (railway). It takes approx 17-18 hours by train from Oslo to bodø (stop in trondheim included), and approx 9-10 hours from Trondheim.

Hurtigruten stops daily in Bodø both northbound and southbound.  

The coastal road RV17 runs next to the island, we are located 14 km from the bridge and the main road.

Petter Jørgen Pedersen
Air photo of the property
Følvika seen from the sea