Welcome to Folvika - a Northern Retreat

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our home - a small paradise, close to the sea. At our place you can find peace and quiet. You can recharge your batteries and be close to nature.

North of the Arctic Circle

Just north of the Arctic Circle, a few miles south of Bodo, in the county of Gildeskal, lies the beautiful island of Sandhornoy, and its hidden gem, Folvika. This small but stunning retreat with its two gorgeous beaches nestles between mountains in a natural setting that is completely unspoiled. The resort looks out on ocean fairways, and towering Sandhornet graces the view; a local landmark from whose peak can be seen almost the whole district of Salten.

Indulge in spectacular landscapes

Here you experience nature in ways available to few on our crowded planet; northern light and dark days, midnight sun and light nights, stormy evenings and calm mornings. Imagine standing under the stars on a clear night watching the Aurora Borealis, or sitting by a bonfire looking out across the sea to a sun which never sets. It is just as magical every time.
Having the sea on our doorstep gives easy access to seafood; fresh fish, shrimps, crabs and much more. We grow our own potatoes, carrots and herbs and we forage for berries and wild mushrooms. And if you like fishing, well nothing tastes better than fish you have caught yourself.

Recharge your batteries with peace and quiet...

A stay in Folvika will leave you refreshed and renewed. Here you can relax and enjoy a good book, or walk along the beach or in the mountains. Bonfires can be lit in several places and gazing at the flames whilst letting your eyes wander out over the horizon or up the immense mountain ranges is therapy for the soul.

... or from fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities

Then again, if you’re in an active mood … Fish from the rocks or even from the beach. Fresh water fishing can also be done at Sætervannet or  Ravikvannet.
The area around Folvika is ideal for trekking. Why not take a walk up Sandhornet, a spectacular mountain which reaches 993 meters above sea level or over the Telnestinden mountain. Langsanden is another beauty spot with 2km of white sand and clear water. If you feel like staying local and not going too far from the house you can enjoy bonfires on the beach, a dip in the sea, little walks, kayaking and biking.

Harvest from nature

In the autumn the forest is filled with mushrooms and berries and you can enjoy a day foraging for cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries and raspberries.

A homely feel to your stay

A visit to Folvika means living like a local and close to the host family. In February 2020 we put up an "Norwegian eye igloo" - we call it Følvika Eye, and in Deecember we put up a second eye (Følvika Eagle Eye) - closer to nature than any other accommotation with a roof. When our facilities are full we can easily arrange for alternative accommodation.

We look forward to welcoming you to Folvika!

Følvika Eye