Hiking and walks

With an amazing landscape right outside our door there are multiple options for walks and hiking. We go with you or we may organize the trip for you. The slogan "there is nothing called bad weather, only bad cloths" rules with us.

Relax in beautiful landscapes

When you are on holiday it is time to relax. Meditation, beautiful landscapes and the freedom to be active whenever you feel like it is an important part of our concept.

Enjoy the best you can imagine

Go for a walk, fish your own food or rest under a tree. Make coffee and waffles on the fire. You are in the middle of the Nordic reality.

All in one place?

Enjoy the view - mountains and the sea. We are close to Bodø if you would like to go shopping. Or how about some island jumping or challenge ´the 1000 m above sea level´ peak of Sandhornet. Folvika is located right in the middle of everything. 

Experience the winter

The silence amaze most visitors, you are sheltered from the usual noise of civilisation. Make snow angles while you stare up at the amazing night sky with stars and nothern lights.

Nina Nystad
Brynjar Hilling
Brynjar Hilling
Ann-Kristin Pedersen
Mountain hiking