Who we are?

The hosts!
Please note that we are dog friendly!

Lill Hilde & Ola are the hosts in Følvika. The borderterriers Kita and Zally are important members of the family.

This is the childhood home of Lill Hildes' father, Haakon, but noone has lived here permanently since the end of the sixties, before Lill Hilde and Ola started to renovate at the beginning of 2000.

The whole property had started to disapper back to nature. We have taken down many trees. The last few years we have cut the grass on the fields and reclaimed the old landscape. We may get some livestock to help us keep the landscape open.

Justin Foulkes
The Kaldagers
Lill Hilde and Ola at the entrance to Fjosen
Ronja and Zally, April 2021
Zally and Kita in 2016
Zally and Kita - borderterrier
Out for a walk no matter what the weather is like