The seasons and the weather

Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn - never boring!

At Følvika you always experience a lot of weather, no matter what time of year we are talking about. And every season has its charm. It is not often the wind is quiet, but it happens. The direction of the weather has much to say for the conditions we end up with.

We can only guarantee you one thing: we have a lot of weather, no matter what time of year and what season. And every season has its charm.  It is not often the wind is quiet, but it happens. The direction of the weather has much to say for the conditions we end up with. Wind from Southwest is often connected with rain, sleete or snow showers, Western winds the same. Eastern winds often bring warm and nice weather, while Northern winds often are cold, but still quite nice weather. We find it facinating that the weather changes all the time. Som days you may experience all four seasons in one day.

Winter means the dark season and northern lights (aurora borealis)

Winter at the coast may be very wet and freezing, but the culprit is not the snow or very low temperatures. It is the wind that may make you feel that you are frozen to the bone. The temperature may fall to 10 C below zero, but that does not happen very often. O C is more normal, as well as degrees over 0C. Days with snow may turn into rain and the snow is gone before you know it.  Winter means dark season and you get to cherish the day light you get. In a clear day you may get amazing blue light or shades in pink and orange from the sun below the horizon during the day, while the northern lights may flash over your head at night.

With grey and clouded weather you don't want to get out of bed, it is dark and no daylight. Then it is great to stay inside, by the fire, lit candles with a cup of the and a good book. You feel particularly great if you have defied the weather and been out for a walk, before you indulge in indoor activities. And when one of the seasonal storms hits you feel blessed to be able to stay warme and watch and feel it from inside. It is moments like this that reminds you how powerful nature is and how great it is to be alive and how small and helpless man is in such situations. The people living along the coast has a pragmatic character and a calm that is deeply affected and influenced by the weather conditions.

With spring the light (sun) is returning (and it is time for cod)

The spring is normally short and may suddenly return to winter or move on to summer in a second. We often get (false) promises of spring and warmth for weeks and then surprised by snow showers in April. You can say what you want, it is not boring, but it may be very frustrating! This is the very best season for some of the sea food; big, fat shrimps with caviar (eggs) on white toast, lemon and mayo - yummy! Big cod coming from the Barents sea to spawn in our waters. It is now we stack up for the rest of the year, making fish cakes and hanging for stock fish and other local specialties. In March you have the famous world cod fishing championship in Lofoten.  

Summer = midnight sun

Summertime North of the Arctic Circle is magic! Even though the weather and the temperature is far from what can be found in locations much further South, the light here in the North is beyond comparison. During the short and intense summer, we have true Midnight sun – when the sun always stays above the horizon - for four whole weeks. In addition, we enjoy daylight of varying intensity and duration from the end of March until the end of September.

Should you decide to visit us during the summer, the blackout curtains in the bedrooms will enable you to enjoy a good night’s sleep, even if the Midnight sun is shining outside your window.

However, you may  decide not to sleep but rather to opt for a midnight swim from our very own little beach, or maybe enjoy a refreshing drink and the art of conversation in this very special setting?

In summer, you can expect water temperatures in the range of 14 to 20 degrees Celsius. Very refreshing! Even though the air temperature may reach up to 30 degrees Celsius in the summer, the more normal range for the air temperature is also somewhere around 14 to 20 degrees Celsius.

The upside of this is that the temperature usually provides a comfortable setting for all kinds of outdoor activities, be that boating, hiking or other activities. Whatever you prefer, we look forward to be your hosts and to organize a select program for you in order to make the very best of your visit to beautiful Sandhornoy and Folvika Northern Retreat.

The beautiful colors of autumn

For many people the autumn is a favorite season. You get amazing colors in the woods and on the mountains.  Not too hot, not too cold. You can harvest berries and mushrooms: Cloudberries, Blueberries, Lingonberries, Rasberry, strawberry and many others. Autumn also means hunting. We have grouse, black grouse and other birds as well as deer, moose, rabbit.

We can organise all kind of harvesting and hunting trips for you..

Weather guarantee : you will have weather!

We how live in these surroundings know how lucky we are, and we would like to share these gifts with you. Here you will find peace and quiet in nature, you can slide over the water in a kayak, prepare hot dogs on a bonfire while you look at the horizon. You can also challenge nature by going fishing or conquering the mountain peak.

Petter Formo
Petter Formo
Autumn storm